Reporting and Analytics

ERP packages are like nervous system that connects all the parts of the organization from an operational perspective. With any big or small implementation of ERP, you begin to collect a lot of data in one place. All of this data can be really helpful, if the right people can get to it in a timely and efficient manner. However most ERP systems lack inherently good reporting.

We have been solving this reporting problem at several clients over many years. We will work with you to understand your reporting requirements, come up with a reporting strategy and guide you in deploying the same.

We look at all options and select the option or a mix of options that work best for your organization. This includes custom reporting from your Oracle ERP, implementation of add-on tools like OBIEE, Hyperion, Discoverer etc. or building a new data ware house.

Well designed reports that are organized in a clean dashboard will aid in the decision making process there by enhancing the benefits you can get out of your ERP implementations.

Flow chart of the analysis as a concept